Limitations of E-Commerce

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Limitations of E-Commerce

E-commerce poses some limitations and threats such as lack of touch and feel, risk of viruses and hackers, payment security issues, and fraudulent trading.

1. Need of Fast Internet Facility

If the customer doesn’t have faster internet connection, the consumer will not be able to view contents of the e-commerce website. In addition, the security of transactions on internet may be distorted.

2. Lack of Touch and Feel

The buyer may be interested to touch and feel the goods over the counter before making the actual purchase. E-commerce websites only allow photographs and description of the product.

 3. Victim of Cyber Attack

Occasionally e-commerce websites are attacked by hackers. They send  large number of playful enquiries to a portal making it unreachable to genuine consumers. The hackers may also pretend to be a customer.

 4. Expensive infrastructure for Ecommerce Websites

The Communication infrastructure of e-commerce is very expensive.

 5. Complying the EDI standards

Most small business units face the complexity in complying with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards.

6. Brand hijacking

Brand hijacking involves serious loss of goodwill to the owners of well-known brands.

7. Fraudulent trading

At times forged websites are created by fraudulent people and they obtain cash from the consumers without supplying the products. The customer pays money through their credit cards. The risk of their credit card data being stolen cannot be ruled out. The customers should ensure that Https:// is there on the url before making any credit card payment.

8. Attack from Virus

E-commerce system may become victim of virus attacks. Few of such viruses are and damage all information which was stored in the server.

9. Limited to sensory information

It does not allow the customers any scope to see, or smell or feel the goods or products.

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