Electronic Supply Chain Management

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Electronic Supply Chain Management (E-SCM)

Electronic Supply Chain Management or E-Supply Chain Management or E-SCM is an inter-organizational business process which binds the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, transport companies and customers together in order to generate, process and execute orders.

The electronic supply chain management deals with three issues as follows:

(i)  Co-ordination Order Processing

Coordinating the order processing activities, which originate at the customer level and end with material forecast.

(ii) Scheduling of Activities

Schedule the inter-related activities, such as, manufacturing, procurement, distribution, fulfillment and delivery.

(iii) Execution of Financial Transactions

Financial activities of invoicing, billing, fund transfer and accounting.

The process of Electronic Supply Chain Management or E-SCM involves application of e-commerce technologies in cost efficient manner. Electronic commerce technologies or E-Commerce Technologies helps to link and manage products, information, data-base, internal and external communication.

The streamlining of product delivery from the manufacturer to the customer can be served in a better way with e- communication, sharing of information, and coordination across a number of organizational chains. The interaction between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and customers equips the organization with better productivity and increase in consumer satisfaction leading to its overall success.

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