E-Marketing in INDIA

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E-Marketing in INDIA

Electronic Marketing or E-Marketing in INDIA supplements the Traditional Marketing and extends quick access to the Indian and Global Marketplace. With the increased penetration of internet in India, there is need for India businesses to think beyond Traditional marketing.

Drawbacks of Traditional Marketing:

  1. High cost of direct door to door marketing
  2. High cost of road Banner Advertising
  3. High printing cost of product brochures and mailing them to customers etc. and
  4. Time constraints for quick promotion of products.

Traditional marketing in India so long relied upon one-way mass communication. Internet and electronic commerce technologies enabled the Indian businesses to reach target audience at reasonable cost. The e-marketing has grown very fast in India over the last few years. The internet is now used as a media for delivering communication including advertising.

Recent Example of E-marketing success in INDIA:

Indian Companies have successfully adopted E-marketing technologies to promote and sell their products online. Lenskart.com is just 2 years old and has more than 40,000 daily visitors. The website sells optical lens online. (Source: statscrop) The innovation approach to sell optical lens online and the e-marketing strategies adopted by this online business company reflects the potential of online marketing in India.

Features and Advantages of Electronic Marketing or E-Marketing:

(i) Saving of Cost  and Time

Catalogs, Brochures etc. produced in electronic form and delivered through Internet result in enormous savings. The cost involved in copy editing, proof reading, printing, and shipping is much lower. The customers are informed about the information within minutes. Even the update cost is low because of the avoidance of the need for reprinting.

(ii) High Interaction with Customers

Every business aspires to grow big. The marketers can devise e-marketing campaigns to reach more customers. You can also target your customers. You can either target your local market, or entire country such as India. You can even target global audience worldwide. The marketers can devise and develop highly interactive media based brochures, product specifications and place those on the website. The buyers can interact with the website before arriving at the purchase decision. The enhancement of high value sales will result in greater profitability and improved network.

(iii) Size of Business does not matter

The size of the business and location will not matter much, if the businessman is access to the internet. The customers can communicate with them online. Many Indian e-business companies in India are serving global audience from India. Their entire IT team is in India.

(iv) Offer to Analyze the product before Buying decision

Electronic marketing provides opportunities to the customers to browse and collect information, analyses the product and customize it according  to their taste and preference after which they place the purchase order.
The no. 1 website in India is Google.co.in . It has more than 8 million Daily Visitors and more than 92 Million Daily Page views. About 97% of its visitors are from India. Advertising your business with Google PPC can help you get more new customers. 

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