E-learning in india

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E-learning in india

“ Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Definition of Electronic Learning or E-Learning

Electronic Learning or E-learning may be defined as the method of delivering education and training over the Internet to the remote users.

E-learning is instant, online, self-driven and on the go. The modern India is witnessing dramatic changes in the arena of education. The most important among them is e-learning.

Edu-comp is planning to enable the school students to download study contents through internet. The E-learning or Internet Learning industry is set for big drive in India. Students have high speed broadband connection and find it e-learning comfortable and convenient.  The media-rich lessons are more educative and set way for self driven education. The Web technology offers a uniform delivery mechanism for textual, multimedia and animated contents.

The Computer Based Training ( CBT) involved CD-Rom based education. The CD-ROM became the delivery mechanism for computer offering a cost efficient, convenient, and “anytime-anywhere” training.

Some of the Big Indian Players of E-learning are

  • EcuComp Solutions
  • NIIT
  • MeritNation
  • Core Projects
  • Tata Interactive Systems
  • Centum Learning

Governtment of India Initiatives


National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology


Nation Program on Technology Enhanced Learning

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan 

The Govt. of India is taking further initiatives to use the Public Private Partnership models to improve the quality of  education in Indian Schools.

Tablet PC 

Low cost Tablet PCs are being developed as a means to increase computer based e-learning. At many of the states, the state governments are distribution Tablet PCs and computers to merit students.


E-learning seems to be very promising in the field of information technology. The rapid growth of broadband and Communication Technologies have contributed to the growth of Web Based Learning or E-Learning. The Internet is being used as a delivery van to impart training and learning. Education has crossed the boundaries of schools and colleges and Online Web Based Distant Learning courses are in vogue.

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