E-Banking in India

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E-Banking in India

Electronic banking or E-Banking or Net Banking enables customers to access their accounts, carry out transactions via web browsers. Customers are also able to view their account details, transfer funds, pay bills on ECS (Electronic Clearance System) and even review account history. State Bank of India, almost all other nationalized and private banks have started net banking operation in India.

 Online SBI

OnlineSBI.com’, ranked 528th in the world is just 12 years old. The website has around 3 lakh daily visitors and is widely used.* The daily page views of this website are around 1.7 million. State Bank of India, The largest bank in India, is headquartered at Mumbai.

 ICICI Bank Online

ICICI Bank has been a pioneer in internet banking.

ICICIBank.com’ is 16 yrs old and is among top 500 websites of the world. Its Alexa Rank is 38th in India. IciciBank.com’ has more than 4 lakh daily visitors and around 16.5 lakh page views per day.*

HDFC Bank Online

Hdfcbank.com is ranked 24th in India by Alexa. It is very popular both among general public and corporates. The website has around 4.89 lakh daily visitors with around 16.68 lakh daily page views.*

(*Source: Statscrop.com’)

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